Thursday, August 25, 2011

My Estrel's Dessert Comes First

It was 6 p.m. and I didn't care if dessert came first. I've always been a Hizon's Cake fan and I've stopped eating their mocha cake because of my cocoa sensitivity. I switched to Carrot Cakes and Estrel's Caramel Cakes a few years ago and it meant that I can still eat my dessert merrily around people devouring their moist chocolate cakes. Today, there was an Estrel's Caramel Cake in the fridge waiting for me and I wanted an icing rush reward.

All-in-One Light Munchie in Pho Hoa!

I found light food that is good for my rainy days and when I'm a little sick. It's not rice. It's salad, noodles, appetizer and main course all-in-one! I stumbled upon it in an old favorite joint at Greenbelt 1 - Pho Hoa!

All-Day, All-Night Tapas in Manila!

I wonder where I put all these food... I'm still eating and craving for tapa whenever I'm in Manila at past 12 midnight. There's always Tapa King and there's Rufo's Famous Tapa, both open for 24 hours. By the way, there's a Tapa King inside the Lau Pa Sat Festival Market too (24-hour hawker in Singapore, but it was closed when we went there, only we have 24 hours in Manila)!

Hainanese Chicken: Comfort Food for the Sick J!

There are certain privileges when you are sick and for J, me agreeing to eat Hainanese Chicken. We were almost on our way to Yoshinoya when he saw Hainanese Delights in Robinsons Galleria. The dish always gets J's attention from Chocolate Kiss to Singapore.

A Taste of Philly!

I was supposed to try Goodfellas in QC for their burgers! My eyes darted towards the Philly Cheese Steak on the menu. I had my very first Philly Cheesesteak in Philadelphia and I thought one 12-inch cut in half was enough for our Greyhound trip onto the next state. My sister and I ended up finishing it in around 10 minutes after we got on the bus. Every now and then, there would be another restaurant who will attempt to bring the Philly Cheesesteak here.

Jumbo Yoshinoya Double Beef Treat!

I've known Mr. Boy Kuripot J for 10 years now and we met in a Taiwan trip where we were also first introduced to Yoshinoya. Now that I think about it and established the connection, it's been 10 years since I started eating only Beef Gyudon in Yoshinoya. Today, I've got a confession to make and no, it's not TT's Beef Misono. Old habits die hard and new ones can always emerge.

Singapore Food Hangover!

It seems I'm still a little hung over after my 2 consecutive Singapore trips. I'd jump at the chance when I see Singapore food in Manila now. I talked about the Bottomless Pit Syndrome in this post. I've heard about Shiok at the Fort, too bad we were only there for a quick merienda.

Taco Bell Manila

My sister and I had a first taste of Taco Bell in New York. It was particularly memorable not for the food but because the Mexican counter lady got angry at us when we didn't hear/understand her shout that our order was ready. When we came home and the first Taco Bell eventually opened in Manila, it was something I wanted to try out again, probably to inject some form of food memory into that first encounter. I was with J one evening and we were out of time for an event in Gateway. It was the perfect time to test how fast they serve at Taco Bell.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Something Other Than Kebab for a Change!

I thought Uncle Moe's only had shawarmas and shawarma rice. I used to wonder why J kept coming back. It just so happened that there was a coupon again and there's kebab too.

Big Better Burgers!

J would never refuse a burger. He cleverly dropped hints to try out this burger joint he saw for a "quick snack" when I told him I was hungry after the Blogger Fiesta Event at SM North Edsa last Saturday. I believe I would quickly follow his cravings after this. We just found Big Better Burgers!

You, Kebaber?

I consider myself a Kebab-Hunter now. I remember how J used to rave about it and I would deny his request to eat at a restaurant because I knew I didn't like it even though I can't remember the details of the first time he made me eat a piece. When I tried Mister Kabab in QC and Behrouz's kebab with buttered rice in Wilson, I was hooked and ended up craving for this when the clock strikes 12 a.m. and I'm still outside. J and I came across Kebabers at the GT Tower 5th floor cafeteria in Makati. 

Last-Minute Kyss

Because of the recent coupon site phenomena, J and I got to try out Kyss Cafe across the A-Venue Mall in Makati. (There is a list of all coupon sites known to me here in Manila by the way.) It was the last day of claiming for us last-minute folks and a whole lot of bar chow for 2 people!

Affordable Never-Fail Comfort Food in Manila

I'm working back in time. I fell in love with this ever since it first came out. When I want fast take out and I'm not with anyone, I make it a point to spoil myself and eat my never-fail comfort food. I can only find the same great taste in the Philippines and in every corner of Manila. Cha-Dan! Haha.

5 Rounds of Sofitel Spiral Buffet!

I remember the times when I was young, when my dad and I would be the only ones left standing during our hotpot days with the family. We were the champions and we would split what's left and just kept on eating happily while my mom and my sisters patiently watched. That was a long time ago and ended when that restaurant eventually disappeared. At this age, it's all about buffets now for us, particularly Sofitel, and variety instead of the hotpot days where everything tasted like satay.