Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Chili's Alcohol Ban

Elections can be good for a country in many other ways. Apart from the gun ban and bodyguard ban, establishments and citizens actually follow the alcohol ban a week before the election day. It was the night before the elections and we found ourselves in Chili's for an impromptu chitchat with our friend. Of course, Chili's is known among the youth mostly for its cocktails and free-flowing alcohol paired with its big servings of American-style food. Because of the alcohol ban, I came to appreciate new food and good conversation even without the help of the spirits.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Single Princesses and Blind Dates Drama 单身公主相亲记

Watch Single Princesses and Blind Dates Drama 单身公主相亲记 (My Literal Translation: Single Princess/es Blind Dating Diary) if you are into Chinonovelas. The length of the series is 30 episodes, about 20 hours total. The film's major locations are Shanghai and ChongMing Dao 崇明島. Single Princesses and Blind Dates is a Mainland production. It just hit the TV screens in the Mainland and I happened to catch it one day. Don't be surprised if they convert it to Filipino in the next few months. You'll also see what sand art is all about. I just finished my marathon today. Here are my two favorite characters: 

It would be overkill if these two ended up together in the series.

The Gravity of Blogging

Let's make it clear by illustrating that blogging is the center of my world. I have been living in this world for the past few months exploring it nonstop day and night. As with any adventure, some parts of myself have leaked out as soon as I filled myself with all these new experiences. I want to highlight this incredible pull taking me in deeper and encouraging me to transform and improve myself further. What sparked this muse? I believe the answer lies with the universe.

Facts on Philippine Barangay & SK Elections

Today, I learned that I am not qualified to vote for the SK elections since I am no longer 15 to 18. I originally thought the SK and Barangay Elections go hand-in-hand. Instead, I just learned that they just made the voting date the same for practical reasons. Why not hold it last May 2010 too? I only heard about the Sangguniang Kabataan after college when some elected candidate put it in his resume. Of course, I had not lived in the same house or neighborhood for more than 4 to 6 years in a row. For me, it was all school and house and workplace until I hit a hard, hard wall this year. This year, all the hype about automated elections and a more dynamic form of government persuaded me to vote in the May 2010 elections. Everything was easy because all the information was there from the voter registration to the precinct information to the election day process. I don't watch the news and read newspapers even then but I knew of the "Bilog Bilog" song long before the May elections. Now, I am not even sure if I qualify to vote for the Barangay Elections. I couldn't find anything in the internet to answer this simple qualifier question, "Does it mean that I can vote in the Barangay Elections if I was able to vote last May or is it a different registration?"

Monday, October 18, 2010

My Love Affair with Parisian Macaroons

I've been struggling with the thought of getting that Bizu card for months now and it's not because I can't afford it at P250. It's exactly because of that future drive to earn the P250 back past the break-even point by purchasing more of those very sinful Parisian macaroons that I absolutely refuse to get that card. I used to hate going to Bizu (I didn't find anything that I wanted to eat for the longest time) and I often wondered about the Bizu craze in the past few years. The original Parisian macaroons that my parents brought home from Europe did not taste that good too.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Day for Myself and My Closest Buddies

The Electrolux Wash-a-Palooza event still pushed through with the rain. It was a good day to hang around Eastwood in a Saturday for a change. I was not dressed up for the amazing race but I still had fun watching and being the official photographer for the day. First, I finished all the pasta I could eat in Jack's Loft and chilled out by the lounge all afternoon while they were running around and getting lost. It wasn't hard to keep busy for roughly two hours because of the free WIFI, Jeff's ITouch and the cafe-like experience. The YoCard free postcards and magazines were also there to enrich my mind. The True Faith concert in the early evening was also part of the event and it was fun to realize that I actually grew up with some of their songs (knowing all the lyrics and all). The other bloggers were there to share the victory of Jeff's team. Dinner followed with a generous free serving of Fazoli (although I was never really accustomed to their food). 

Stuck in Fantasyland

I attended my first authentic Kiddie Party last Friday - AS IN! The clubhouse was reserved for this occasion and a party organizer was hired to do the works for a seventh birthday party - balloons, decorations, stage, tables, catering, program and a fairy emcee. The guest list could easily have been 200-250 people and the mix was around half-half adults and kiddies. I was oblivious to the program going on but I could hear the kids dancing, singing, performing and playing games on stage with their victimized mommys, daddys and yayas. Our side (the back portion) was filled with babies, relatives and friends of the celebrant's parents who engaged in their adult talk.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

An Encounter With Guyabano

My dinner was paired with guyabano shake yesterday. The fruit was not alien to me and I have always thought that it was an okay fruit (not as bad as durian or papaya which would make me cringe at the thought of eating) although I don't recall eating it even once in my entire life. At my first sip, I couldn't help but think that I have tasted it before. It must have been one of those canned juices we used to have with the Melon Milk and Peach Drink. Before finishing half the glass of the shake, I also noticed that the contents were a bit chewy. It was a different experience drinking a juice with chewy "pulp" and it made me decide that I would rather drink guyabano juice than eat the fruit by itself. I was proud of myself for trying something unfamiliar and adding to my accomplishments for the day (I made improvised kimchi rice for lunch and sushi rolls in the afternoon). Come nighttime, I was craving for something to eat or drink while watching TV in my room and I surprisingly reached out for another round of the guyabano shake in the fridge (this time i filtered the juice a little). I also began googling about it (primarily to see what those chewy things looked like inside the fruit) and learned a thing or two about the guyabano.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Info on Philippine Barangay & SK Elections

I was watching Strictly Politics mindlessly on their discussion about the upcoming barangay and SK elections. Here are the things I learned. Originally, barangays were divided per 5000 residents (for city barangay) and 2000 residents (for municipal barangay) respectively according to the local code (any excess should form another barangay already). This being said, a city could only be called such in the past if it has 5000 residents. Now, the population per barangay determine how much budget they will get. Barangay elections are supposed to be non-partisan (no partylist) and are supposed to be conducted with the least possible expense (no campaigning). It used to be that nobody wants to be elected to this position. The final words of the guest politicians include one who hopes that the barangay can become a dynamic unit of government where people who practice good governance can offer their services to the people. They characterize the barangay as that which "brings the government to your doorstep". The delivery of the most number of basic services and leading your people to a better life makes a good barangay official.

It just made me think of these things.

Noodles, My Love

I am having these childhood memories again. This time, it's about noodles. I don't remember the first time I ate noodles like I don't remember almost everything about my life. I have every idea though of preserving my love for noodles for as long as I can. I always look forward to birthday celebrations especially those held in Gloria Maris for the infamous Chinese birthday noodles. They don't have them  as much nowadays due to the other noodle types, which was probably why I love them even more. I am also a fan of Korean noodles because I love a chewy treat. My craving for ramen, on the other hand, has never stopped since I was a kid. My head has been screaming for ramen lately with the opening of Ramen Bar. 

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Culinary Terrorism

Ever heard of deconstructed dining where you can eat unusual items like the menu? How about spending around $25,000 to dine and be strapped to your seat up in the sky? They even have bonus entertainment also held by a crane and you can have the pick of the view you want. How about eating authentic Grandma-cooked Italian food? Flintstone sizes of baby back ribs? I want to travel the world and see them for myself.

Monday, October 4, 2010

I Found Kalihim!

I was surprised to find it in a bakeshop like Globake but I finally know its name - it's Kalihim! It's my favorite childhood treat and I used to ride a tricycle to that small bakery near our old house just to buy some. The one I found in Globake looked much more presentable but the filling was not quite the same. This had like an ube coconut taste unlike my favorite which had a more reddish color and more sugary filling. The filling is supposed to be a little harder too but the bread was just right and slightly sweet. I was so happy and reminisced about the old-style pan de sal, soft sugar doughnuts and the kababayan. The traditional Filipino small bakery (panaderia) is scarce and hard to find already, at least those that sells yummy Pinoy bread. The taste from commercialized ones like Pan de Manila do not quite capture that authentic taste anymore.

The Power of Music

I listened to the translation of the Angela Aki song Tegami yesterday. It's a song about a letter written to an older self and a reply by that same self telling her that all things will pass. I looked back on my 15-year-old self and my past experiences last night. Maybe I was too emotional back then to talk to myself but I definitely felt that I was alone and so misunderstood, as if my whole world was collapsing and I'd never get through it. The girls who heard the song for the first time were really crying. I guess when you're young, almost all the people around you wouldn't care if your world was falling apart and you feel lost.

I guess now I can only laugh at myself for taking things too seriously and hurting myself in the process. My childhood problems seem insignificant now but sometimes I miss the different and intense feelings of those times. There was definitely a time when I had the guts to fight for love and to just enjoy my life without a care in the world. I wonder if things have changed. I think I have grown weaker. I guess people just hurt you and pry on your life intentionally because they need the drama in their lives.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Heard About Josie Cruz Natori

Today I watched the Lifestyle Channel feature on Josie Cruz Natori, a Filipina designer who has made it in international fashion. From her passion for the arts and music to being proud of her roots to giving back through charity galas, her world must be full of life and purpose. They say that only Josie Natori can bring together the five CEOs of the top department store brands such as Sak's and Bloomingdale's. It's a little sad that I only heard about her today since most of her work is outside of the country. I think they are based in New York but based on the feature, her team is comprised of Filipino designers and workers to make her clothes as well.

What is good about the designs is that they are simple and mostly looks very Asian. Her lingerie would surely make me smile in secret. Her other pieces are designed to be worn outside the house as well as inside. Natori's forte is beadwork and embroidery (I would love to have one of those silky robes.). What I love most are the ready-to-wear pieces that will make you look simple and chic. Her collections are available only in Rustan's here in the Philippines. I must say that I wish someday I could splurge in style with her creations. I would remember that name in the meantime and I will be in the lookout for her three brands Josie, Cruz and Natori when I go shopping.