Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Gravity of Blogging

Let's make it clear by illustrating that blogging is the center of my world. I have been living in this world for the past few months exploring it nonstop day and night. As with any adventure, some parts of myself have leaked out as soon as I filled myself with all these new experiences. I want to highlight this incredible pull taking me in deeper and encouraging me to transform and improve myself further. What sparked this muse? I believe the answer lies with the universe.

I just found myself without regrets and addicted to blogging. Day and night, I look forward to all my emails, to my subscriptions, to my Facebook, to all the blogs in my Netvibes, to all the traveling I just did, to all the traveling I will do, to all the contests, to all the prizes I want to win, to all the planning, to all the writing, to all the reflections, to the events, to my new friends, to the new friends that I will meet and to the new freedom to do anything that I can. It is a good thing nobody can stop me. I believe I have just found a world where it feels as if I am working and living my life to the fullest at the same time. Having the best experiences is the ultimate reward.

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