Monday, October 18, 2010

My Love Affair with Parisian Macaroons

I've been struggling with the thought of getting that Bizu card for months now and it's not because I can't afford it at P250. It's exactly because of that future drive to earn the P250 back past the break-even point by purchasing more of those very sinful Parisian macaroons that I absolutely refuse to get that card. I used to hate going to Bizu (I didn't find anything that I wanted to eat for the longest time) and I often wondered about the Bizu craze in the past few years. The original Parisian macaroons that my parents brought home from Europe did not taste that good too.

My first impression of the Bizu macaroons were also not that good and I steer clear of those bad impressions unless I am forced to go there through my friends or I just crave for something sweet to eat. I was forced into eating free macaroons for a couple more times and it kinda grew on me, not all flavors though. Anything with chocolate was out of the question while the lemon and pistachio were also not good enough for me (something seemed off). I found myself buying vanilla and raspberry more. Now, my taste buds had shifted to pistachio (something that I originally don't eat and generally stay away from) and I had been proud of myself for that. I now had fewer things that I don't eat. If not for that, I wouldn't even write about this love affair. To keep myself from eating often though, I used my excess Sodexho GCs but I always ended up with more. I should find another way to decrease my consumption of these soft and chewy treats. I also couldn't decide if the need for the macaroons to be refrigerated had worked to my advantage since I tend to eat them quickly or else it wouldn't taste good at room temperature. Sometimes, I just wish it's a fling.

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  1. mel, try the Empire macaroons at the weekend bazaar in Rockwell. They're also good!


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