About Me

This is a personal blog. In it, you'll find the 7 different aspects of my life.
  • You'll find my fascination for food and different cuisine dissected in Closet Foodie.
  • Methods refer to the strategies I use in my life.
  • Reflections/Loyalties refer to my thoughts at a point in time. Sometimes, something just strikes you and makes you stop and think about your life. I also included brands and things I admire.
  • My many firsts are documented in Special Posts: New Experiences.
  • Special Posts: Plus One can be food trips, movie reviews and the many other events I experienced from tagging along with Jeff.
  • Go Blog-hopping in Manila. Here you'll meet other Filipino bloggers who write about interesting things.
  • Amateur Health Nut is the newest addition to my collection. The posts here tap into the mind of an occasional health-conscious individual wanna-be.
This is me, going through my life One Step at a Time.

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