Tuesday, October 6, 2015

On a Roll Yet Ready to Break

I'm currently on a roll this month - working, blogging, writing and reading. The only things I haven't done so far is exercising after this not-feeling-well syndrome flies away. 

Truth is, I'm afraid I'll break down in a few days and I can feel it physically (think I'm coming up with this epidemic flu too). 

I put my pending posts in my desktop so that I can see it every day and less than two columns of icons mean that I'm getting some things done. I also don't close tabs for research until I finish a post. It's annoying though that I don't churn out as much as that ideal blogger notion in my head. I'm not quite sure now if this (having a constant reminder) is working for me or just getting me down. Perhaps, I'll think of something that's more effective than this eyesore nowadays...

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