Monday, February 28, 2011

ETC No Longer in Manila Cable

Rumor has it that ETC is moving from cable television to free television for Filipinos starting March 2, 2011!

Thai Dara in Gilmore

I want to share a hangout place to go get cheap and good Thai food in Manila. Do you have a place that when mentioned with your partner, you would both nod in agreement and forget every other option you were arguing about? Thai Dara is our choice. 

As much as I'd want it to be our little quiet place, I think telling people about it might not be as bad since we openly advertise it to our friends every now and then.

Aquanox Vietnamese Kitchen

I have told you about the tasty pho in Rockwell under an older post. We came across another Vietnamese kitchen with a weird name - Aquanox in Ortigas Avenue. I still haven't figured out the story about it yet.

Blog: Occasions of Joy

I have wanted to do this for a long time. Let me help you meet some Filipino bloggers and introduce you to blog-hopping Manila-style!

The Real Thing Diner

Ever since the Minute Maid contest, I had been wishing to have the time to go to my kitchen and cook something out of my ancient Classic Cooking with Coca-Cola recipe book. Imagine my surprise and thrill when I heard of a diner-themed restaurant that serves food mixed with Coca-Cola products. I didn't have to experiment and get my hands dirty for now. I devoted the time instead to gather some friends and insist on going there to have a great time and try out the food in one swift go.