Monday, February 28, 2011

Thai Dara in Gilmore

I want to share a hangout place to go get cheap and good Thai food in Manila. Do you have a place that when mentioned with your partner, you would both nod in agreement and forget every other option you were arguing about? Thai Dara is our choice. 

As much as I'd want it to be our little quiet place, I think telling people about it might not be as bad since we openly advertise it to our friends every now and then.

Some of my favorites include Thai Dara's Iced Tea,

Tom Yum,

and this fish dish with green mangoes and Thai dressing.

There are other signature Thai dishes such as chicken pandan and different types of fried rice on the menu.

Most of all, you'll find the authentic Thai chef owner looking after this small restaurant in Gilmore. This place is included in my Guiltless Getaways picks of restaurants in Manila. It's my first choice whenever I crave for Thai food in Manila. 


  1. sana nailagay mo exact address.namimiss ko tuloy bangkok.kelanagn ko makabalik ASAP.mapuntahan nga yang place na yan

    1. Hi Melvin. Try this. It's near Mien San and the new Big McDo
      Gilmore Avenue Corner Granada Street, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines
      Phone: +63(2) (0918)3654250

    2. sorry for phone - +63(918)3654250



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