Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Songs Playlist, 4 Hours Worth

I've been tasked to take care of the music and entertainment on Christmas day and I've compiled a list (around four hours worth) of classic Christmas songs for everybody, Filipino songs included. Christmas in Manila will not be complete without these carols in the air.

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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Ba Noi's Makati Vietnamese Restaurant

A dear friend once told me to try out a restaurant's simplest dish and use it as a gauge once in a while especially if it's my first time to eat there. I've carried that idea from him that if a restaurant can produce the simplest of dishes well, then there is a bigger possibility and capability that the complex and more expensive dishes will not disappoint. This was the idea behind ordering Ba Noi's Beef Pho.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Recovering from German Measles

No more stressful days worrying about what I have - red spots that spread fast in my arms, my neck, my face, my body, my back and now, my feet. It's becoming super itchy during the last few days and the sore throat plus the coughing was getting worse. My face is peeling like crazy and it's weird because I had downed the most glasses of water in a day. I've even put a straw to make it fun and make me drink more.

AntiGravity Yoga in Manila!

Christopher Harrison has just invaded Manila and blew me away completely with excitement and anticipation for AntiGravity Yoga. I can't wait until Beyond Yoga finishes with the AntiGravity Yoga studio in Tomas Morato early next year! Aerial yoga fitness just changed my idea of yoga and brought out my hesitations about going to yoga class in Manila - that you don't have to feel out of breath in a hot room (I enjoyed doing yoga in the cold in Baguio) and that it is possible to do a headstand or do a plank in a few sessions or at the very first day of yoga class.

KBOP Venice Piazza, Korean Fast Food in Manila

I'm a Korean food lover. It all started when I lived in Beijing for a while and discovered that there is a country called South Korea, for real. Almost all of my classmates there were Korean and they introduced me to Korean food. I didn't like it at first but it kinda grew on me. Chinovelas were replaced by Koreanovelas. When I came back to the Philippines, J and I were there when Yedang was still 9 Pizza 7 Chicken near Metrowalk. We were also one of the first Yedang fans and the craze quickly took over our entire family. J and I would occasionally go to Sarambang today for some cheap Samgyeupsal and Chadol. I tried to learn as much Korean cooking a few years ago but I was happier eating. Then I went to Seoul and my palette just expanded. The quest has never stopped to find more Korean restaurants that fit my palette and budget in Manila. KBOP Quick Korean came up again a week ago and here are the dishes that caught my attention.

Friday, December 9, 2011

L' Opera The Fort & The Best Truffle Pasta in Manila!!!

Have you ever heard of truffles? J and I came back to the very restaurant where I first tasted it a little over three years ago. Yes, I will never forget L'Opera Ristorante Italiano at The Fort. I've been craving for Taglierini al profumo di tartufo in camicia di prosciutto to be exact. That's thin egg noodles with truffle sauce and Prosciutto in English. It was still there, with that same great taste, waiting for me to come back.

HTC Rhyme Now in Manila!

The HTC Rhyme caught my attention during its recent launch in Manila with the HTC Explorer and HTC Radar. It's the most stylish of the three and the most user-friendly to me. The design is sleek and clean plus the home screen is not as cluttered or manly as the other two.

Big Better Burgers New Menu Picks from the Food Court!

So J and I did some shopping at Robinsons Forum Pioneer last week. I looked around the huge Olympic Village for some camping gear for our trip and some novelty items from the Department Store while he went hunting for a mouse. We stopped over the food court, something we occasionally enjoy because I'm a fan of cheap sizzling steaks smothered in gravy. We chose to try out the new menu of Big Better Burgers given that we were very satisfied with our last BBB burger experience. This time, it was BBB food court style.

Annabel Lee Cafe Piano Bar, A Manila Reunion Suggestion!

'Tis the season for many holiday reunions in Manila - family reunions, friendly reunions, high school friends reunions, college barkada reunions, other barkada reunions, anniversary reunions, association reunions and Christmas reunions. This has been in my wishlist for so many months now - to go back to Annabel Lee with music-lover friends for a reunion and to sing with a real live professional pianist every week. Hahaha.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Social & Business Etiquette Basics, John Robert Powers Manila

With all the food-tastings, events and formal dinner invitations, I knew I was bound to encounter foodie experiences like my recent Thanksgiving Dinner at the exclusive Cafe 9501, Hotel Buffets like Sofitel's Spiral, Enderun-type and Culinary Restaurants, 5-Course Meals like what we had in Society Lounge or other fine dining and multi-cuisine restaurants like Aubergine especially this holiday season. Learning the ropes of social and business etiquette, understanding table settings, cutlery and seating arrangements when it comes to dining took around 2 hours with John Robert Powers.

The New Red Box Manila

Music is an integral part of my life and I think it has a lot to do with my name. In the past months, the radio always kept me company whenever I work. I think their playlists should include more Christmas songs, especially now that it's December already. When I've grown tired of waiting, I might just go back to Red Box in Eastwood to experience the new karaoke scene in the metro - to sing, to dance, to listen, to eat, to drink, to play, to work, to go online, to be with friends and to rock and roll.