Friday, December 9, 2011

Big Better Burgers New Menu Picks from the Food Court!

So J and I did some shopping at Robinsons Forum Pioneer last week. I looked around the huge Olympic Village for some camping gear for our trip and some novelty items from the Department Store while he went hunting for a mouse. We stopped over the food court, something we occasionally enjoy because I'm a fan of cheap sizzling steaks smothered in gravy. We chose to try out the new menu of Big Better Burgers given that we were very satisfied with our last BBB burger experience. This time, it was BBB food court style.

At first, we thought that the Quarter Pound Sunshine Rice (P105, with drink) was just another "Burger Steak" wanna-be by the looks of it. 

Hey, I love Salisbury steak. In fact, it's one of my choices when I dine in food courts in Manila. It's easy to eat, no bone, and the cheapest as compared to the T-bones and Porterhouse steaks. I bit into the Quarter Pound patty and laughed. I didn't know if I wanted to eat it with a BBB patty or rice at that moment. This dish is for the times when you really want rice but you're thinking that you also want the burger but you can't finish both. The A1 sauce does the trick to make you not miss the burger. I put the excess sauce I scraped off the patty on top of my rice hehe. I wish we could have it on the side though cause I'm really good with the rich flavor already of the juicy BBB quarter-pound burger patty. It hasn't changed since we had that Hahalapeno Burger I loved so much..

Then came the Grilled Chicken in Rum n' Herb Butter Sauce (P110, with drink). 

The portion of the chicken was okay for food court quality. The sauce was unique. You don't find boneless herbed chicken very much in food courts period. I wish they could make the plate sizzle (coz I'm used to the steaks smothered in sizzling gravy) although it might burn the chicken. The sizzling plate kept the food warm for us though and did not burn the tongue or rice. I guess it's more for presentation and to make it look like food court food. Haha.

What's your BBB story?

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