Monday, December 12, 2011

Recovering from German Measles

No more stressful days worrying about what I have - red spots that spread fast in my arms, my neck, my face, my body, my back and now, my feet. It's becoming super itchy during the last few days and the sore throat plus the coughing was getting worse. My face is peeling like crazy and it's weird because I had downed the most glasses of water in a day. I've even put a straw to make it fun and make me drink more.

I've been self-medicating for a week and put myself on quarantine for a few days, all the while being stressed about not knowing what's going on thereby making all the itching and everything worse. Cleaning and writing doesn't help by the way. Good luck with working. Then the cloud lifted today. I went to the doctor and found out that I had German measles. Tigdas (in Filipino) sounds less daunting. He gave me a prescription and everything became easy. Now I'm recuperating with swollen lymph nodes, the polka-dot redness and the increasing body and joint pain. I'm at peace with my German measles. I need to take care staying away from people though coz it's contagious. Next time, don't delay. Note to self: Get yourself checked. Perfect time to wear this Like T-shirt today by the way.

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