Wednesday, August 24, 2011

5 Rounds of Sofitel Spiral Buffet!

I remember the times when I was young, when my dad and I would be the only ones left standing during our hotpot days with the family. We were the champions and we would split what's left and just kept on eating happily while my mom and my sisters patiently watched. That was a long time ago and ended when that restaurant eventually disappeared. At this age, it's all about buffets now for us, particularly Sofitel, and variety instead of the hotpot days where everything tasted like satay.

Now it's five rounds of Sofitel Spiral Buffet and I'm out! Of course, it felt like I went around the world. Let me give you a little tour of these small 24 samples.

Round 1 - Themed Asian and Meat Transition, Clockwise from the top (pomelo salad, fried beef, marinated chicken, pad thai, fish tom yum and prime rib)

Round 2 - Themed Grilled, Roasted and Then Some Japanese to Balance, Clockwise from the top (mixed mushrooms, sweet potato tempura, lamb chops, beef stick, sukiyaki, Peking duck and sea bass)

Round 3 - Themed Back to Customized Asia, Noodle Overload, Italian and Spanish, Clockwise from the top (laksa noodles, tomato cream pasta, eggplant parmigiana, hakaw and vermicelli noodle salad)

Round 4 - Themed Cocoa-Free Desserts, Clockwise from the top (raspberry panna cotta, sweet peanut dimsum, vanilla cinnamon cookie and creme brulee)

Round 5 - Themed Fine, This is my Last One Since I'm in Dessert Already (ube ice cream with marshmallows as in tastes like real yam)

Round 6 was supposed to be for my favorite Caesar salad and assortment of cheeses. Next time I eat at Sofitel, I'll jumble the order!

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  1. Thank you for sharing such wonderful photos. By just looking at the food shots you posted, I cannot explain how excited I am to know that Spiral is re-opening this November! Sofitel has an ongoing photo contest on Facebook, you may want to join, here is the link:


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