Thursday, August 25, 2011

Taco Bell Manila

My sister and I had a first taste of Taco Bell in New York. It was particularly memorable not for the food but because the Mexican counter lady got angry at us when we didn't hear/understand her shout that our order was ready. When we came home and the first Taco Bell eventually opened in Manila, it was something I wanted to try out again, probably to inject some form of food memory into that first encounter. I was with J one evening and we were out of time for an event in Gateway. It was the perfect time to test how fast they serve at Taco Bell.

The food was fast alright. We ordered a meal for two - one soft taco and one hard taco with the same filling. There's the taco.

Here's the meat.

I prefer to break the hard shell and eat it like a burger instead of sideways.

Believe me there's not too many pieces of stuffing that will fall on you here. I will try other things on the menu board next time.

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