Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hainanese Chicken: Comfort Food for the Sick J!

There are certain privileges when you are sick and for J, me agreeing to eat Hainanese Chicken. We were almost on our way to Yoshinoya when he saw Hainanese Delights in Robinsons Galleria. The dish always gets J's attention from Chocolate Kiss to Singapore.

I think it's because it looks like raw chicken so I didn't develop any liking to it. I ordered this BBQ-type Chicken instead. All I can taste was spicy that doesn't suit with very thin, bony and meatless BBQ chicken (there was like a P15 difference only between the two). 

And so, I got to try J's not-so-pale Hainanese Chicken and I liked it better than my order. The Hainanese Delights Hainanese Chicken doesn't taste as raw as the other ones I've tried before.

So, I'm partially convinced that I can be on the lookout now for Hainanese Chicken that suits my palette. As for ordering and finishing one whole order, I'll leave that to J. I'm okay with samplings for now.

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