Thursday, August 25, 2011

All-in-One Light Munchie in Pho Hoa!

I found light food that is good for my rainy days and when I'm a little sick. It's not rice. It's salad, noodles, appetizer and main course all-in-one! I stumbled upon it in an old favorite joint at Greenbelt 1 - Pho Hoa!

The Pho Hoa Pho Noodles were good but I wasn't in the mood for some that night.

I wanted Spring Rolls and Rice with Grilled Stuff but it was all too heavy. I mindlessly pointed to a picture in the menu and this came out! 

It was light vermicelli, lettuce, cucumber, carrots, atsara, spring rolls, grilled meat and sweet vinaigrette! Eating and mixing them all together was such a treat. Wait for it, I would definitely crave for that Pho Hoa Vermicelli Bowl again. 

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