Saturday, September 17, 2011

Eating a Society Lounge 5-Course Meal!

It was a repeat of our holiday French degustation last year, divided by two since it's not yet Christmas. My siblings and I went out together for a Friday dinner date at Society Lounge in Makati. Attire for the night was "dressy". 

We ordered the only set menu available plus some more.

Course "1" - Bread and Butter. Perfect for the wait.

Course "2" - Appetizers. Generous ala carte servings good for 6.

The scallops Provencal, cognac sauce and Parmesan. Top them with crisp cheese and crumbs.

Beef salpicao by the chef. Wee bit salty for me and one was enough. Good thing it was one per person.

The French Snail Provencal with the set menu. They didn't have the original appetizer so I smirked when I heard Escargot. For you, my dear sisters.

Course "3" - Soups. Big servings. Already half-full by this time.

Onion soup is the way of Paris. Truly the most cheese-filled and flavorful onion soup I've ever tasted. Is this really the Paris way? Take me there s'il vous plait. 

Crab bisque fresh pastry crust. I tasted raw and blended shrimp shells.. Maybe it's just me.

Cream of Cauliflower with White Truffle oil and crispy bacon stick with the set menu. I liked that the soup was not too thick, the flavor was just right and the bacon was the perfect complement. It was the first time I had cauliflower in soup and it wasn't disappointing at all. It was a good starter for what's next.

Course "4" - Main Course. Meat eaters here but there are other choices.

Lamb chops grilled with herb, mashed potato. If it wasn't for the shape, I would think it was beef for the taste and texture of the meat.

Angus beef steak with the set menu. The whole thing was big and good enough for 2. The gravy gave a new flavor and addressed the dry meat part. The enthusiasm to eat more was going downhill. We've been eating for 3 hours.

Course "5" - And then this came out!

Red fruit Express and caramelized popcorn with the set menu! Strawberries, grapes, jelly and popcorn. Sweet and sweeping blend of fruit and everything else. Absolutely my favorite.

I think this one is Apple tart caramelized vanilla ice cream. It's a choice for the set menu. I'm not a fan of apple desserts. I was also busy eating my Red fruit Express and caramelized popcorn..

Would definitely come back for the soups, pastas and dessert! I'd come by for lunch for maximum foodie value and dinner for a fancy date.

Store details:
Society Lounge
G/F Atrium Building, Makati Ave. cor. Paseo de Roxas, Makati
Open Mondays to Saturdays
Set Meal: Around P1500++ per person
Lunch Menu here.

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