Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Flapjacks is Back... Better... Best!

J and I had a great time re-trying out Flapjacks in Greenhills the other day. We haven't been here for years. They have 4 "new" dishes that have been revived from the Chef's old signature menu. The come-Back was truly a Better Flapjacks in terms of service and food choices. I'll reveal my Best out of the four below. By the way, J is giving away a Flapjacks GC in his blog.

Here they are in order of ranking from the most can-be-improved to Best.

This is Lemon-Peppered Pan Seared White Fish (P295) served with herbed rice and veggies. Sometimes, I don't like to do the seasoning by myself (in this case, squeezing the lemon and adding some pepper) and I would rather taste the Chef's version specially made for his customers. Otherwise, it would just be the same as my cooking of fried food at home.

It's The Original Hashbrown Burger (P350). The patty itself was good. I just can't take all the potatoes. I took a bite and my mouth was full of fried potato flavor. Good thing J loves his burgers.

This one is called Chicken Stuffed Parmigiana (P325). I love it mixed and this is the second thing I would finish if I still had room for more on that day. To break it apart, the tender chicken is a little bland until you get to the cheddar cheese filling while the marinara sauce is the strongest flavor you will taste. I love pasta so I prefer them it eaten with the chicken bits at the same time to balance it all out. I love my Parmigiana a little bit on the sweet side than the sour like Chocolate Kiss Cafe's.

Lastly, we had a lunch serving of Mango Exotica for dinner. I had a good laugh about the lunch part. Apparently, lunch (P195) and dinner (P325) means serving sizes in Flapjacks. Let me explain why I think this is the BEST Flapjacks dish for me, contrary to what J thinks. I just love the little red things! These dried cranberries go well with the almond slivers, the mangoes, the raisins and the flavored croutons plus the grilled chicken slices. It was tropical and light and it felt like summer again in Manila. I detected a hint of cilantro in the dish and I just had to make sure so I asked about it. 10 grams of the thing was enough to keep me guessing the whole night. I wish there was an option to take it out and the option to have my favorite green ice lettuce. I guess that's part of the Exotica mix. Still, those cranberries and everything else pretty much made up for it.

My BEST doesn't necessarily mean that it's J's BEST pick by the way!

Store Details:
Flapjacks - Greenhills
Open For Breakfast and Mall Hours
Ground Level, Theatre Mall, Greenhills Shopping Center
Ortigas Ave., Greenhills, San Juan

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