Monday, September 27, 2010

Enderun and Culinary Restaurants

To be in Enderun seemed like a castle-like, majestic and fairy-tale experience, where you will eat good food paired with good service. The service had to be world-class with its international administrators and educational system. Or because the name sounds classy at the very least. I had these thoughts when I entered the restaurant of this college. I wish we had scorecards to rate the students to make it a different experience. I once heard of a restaurant also run by those offering a culinary education cooking up 50-peso full-course meals. If 50 pesos is the price for being a food lab guinea pig then I wouldn't miss that culinary adventure for the world. That was a gig they do on lunch during weekdays and closed on weekends because there were no classes. I think it's still available. I'll divulge the details to my friends and make the plans for the future food trip. Maybe after I've tried it on October...

Back to Enderun, the food took too long to arrive for me and I wish it wasn't because of the GC. But as long as the conversation kept on flowing, I guess it would be tolerable. The bread was yummy so I had two or three helpings before I stopped myself and continued waiting on the main meal. NomNom =) ordered the Pork Belly with rice. Jeff ordered Slow-Cooked Beef with french fries. I ordered Tagliatelle Pasta with parma ham and truffle cream sauce. The verdict: a little pricey and the food was so-so only for me. My pasta tasted like something I had before that I hated but this one was not too salty so I liked it. The beef didn't taste like beef. The pig with the pork belly was fat. The good thing about this place is that I think they change the menu often. The ambiance is magnifique, especially the events place that was all setup for the party that night. I would like to hold an event there someday - the place looked grand. It was very inviting and it could be intimate due to the size. Our timing was not perfect for the school tour but I was glad for it too. Maybe it's just the grand design and white walls that captivated me. I wouldn't go ahead with the tour if the insides would ruin my impression of the place.

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