Monday, September 27, 2010

All Mixed Up

I had the most shocking experience. I wondered after how I was taught English and Filipino when I was young. The results were actually convincing and the lessons I have learned stuck long after that encounter. I put my hands down to Javier! Thank you. I guess I was still disoriented that my feet brought me to the Taiwan Film Festival in Shangrila again. This time around though it was so unplanned and as I said, not myself yet, so I went in half-heartedly at the exact play time. There were no lines outside this time and everybody was in already. A woman behind me suddenly asked if I collect stamps. She was offering and I obliged because it rekindled my youthful interest in them. Now I have to make time to find that stampbook since I had to add the ones I bought from this lady. The situation and timing seemed awkward but I doubt if she could make money for 20 pesos a set. She was 80 and these were her old collections she said. As for me, I jumped on the deal hoping that my hundred could take me places someday. With all these weird happenings I had, plus a movie that I couldn't make myself watch anymore, I went out the theater in the middle of the film feeling very tired and confused.

I came back to my senses at around dinnertime for that gastronomic adventure in CCA Restaurant in Eastwood. It wasn't meant to be for ramen so we tried out this hidden culinary school restaurant instead. Unlike Enderun, CCA has a more casual feel to it. We ordered the Slow-Cooked Beef with risotto (with free salad bar and soup buffet) and the Seafood Linguini with tomato sauce plus an extra favor to add cream. I ended up raiding the salad bar, tried the soups and lickin' my pasta bowl. The verdict: the food was reasonably priced for a full-course meal and we ended up like two very belly satisfied. We would definitely go back, me to try that corn soup they didn't refill and to try the other stuff in their menu. I was definitely happy about the food upgrade. I was dead tired when we got to Ronza's for a birthday bash. But I sampled the unlimited Nachos and Cheese before I went home early. It was a nice brief night of catching up with a few friends. 

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