Thursday, September 9, 2010

Bad ER Rating

If there's anything I'm proud of health-wise, it would be that I have never been rushed to or confined in a hospital. The first of the two major E.R. visits I had, however, occurred because I was such in a dramatic and emotionally imbalanced state in Tagaytay so I "hyper-ventillated", which was a major happening for me because I thought I was going to be paralyzed forever. The trick was a brown bag and I would be okay. The learning I got was that too much oxygen/inhaling too fast would numb your hands and feet first, then your whole body. And if it happens, do not panic or you'll breathe more in. Stabilize your heart and control/slow down your breathing even if you suddenly can't speak and your mind is racing. The second visit just happened last week and it is "contact dermatitis". The learnings are not to get henna tattoos until you've researched well and my main focus in this post, how the E.R. people at CSMC treated a paying outpatient like me.

First, a person asks what is wrong with me and takes my temperature, blood pressure and heart rate and asks me to fill out a form. Next he asks me to wait at a corner and to just sign a waiver that says something like they will not be responsible if I go to them and I am mentally incapable or something (I did not read it through that much anymore because he was waiting). A young doctor passes by, chats with me (it went something like tattoo girl or something and laughed when I asked if it was dengue) and examines me there in the waiting area with another doctor saying you have to wait again. I waited while I see doctors/people in different colors of scrubs walked around, joked around, doors of nurse areas opened, doors of nurse rooms closed, doctors talked to the parents of a patient and I could hear them and maintenance people carry trash around. No other patients like me go in or out but there are others who just came and goes right in ahead of me. The young doctor who entertained me first takes a look at my rashes and throat and asks me questions at the waiting area again after 30 minutes. After a while, she ushers another senior doctor out to examine me there at the waiting area and the senior doctor has a recommendation. The person who took my temperature took it again for my discharge papers. After another long time, the young doctor shortly and happily briefs me on taking medicine like taking it after a meal and going back if it doesn't work. It was time to go pay the bill after that almost 2-hour long "public check-up". I was given my discharge papers and I found that they were supposed to do a final blood pressure and heart rate too but the figures there were all made up. There was no final check-up, except for the temperature because I had to pay for the ear cup. After that, I went to the drug store only to find out that they prescribed me with a medicine that I gave me severe stomachaches before. When I went home and read the label, it mentioned that a person should not be taking it when under a certain weight and I was at the border! They did not even bother to ask me relevant questions such as height and weight. Furthermore, I took the medicine after a meal immediately as the doctor instructed and there was that painful stomachache. I followed the label that said 2 hours after, stayed away from dairy and I got better without the stomachache. I wish this was an isolated case. I have decided that I don't want to be sick to the point that they will treat me in this hospital.

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