Monday, September 20, 2010

Freebies and Contests Galore

I tagged along to a Tang launching event in SM Mall of Asia for the unveiling of the coolest Tang Pick & Go Baon Pack. The hall was filled with kiddies and parents all lined up for the activities such as the pachingko and the face painting booths. While waiting, there was enough time to take a picture with the big IMAX modules for the Think Big Photo Contest. We saw the Eden booth promoting the Sarap ng Pasko a few steps away. This used to be an Eden Cheese Cafe a few months back but now, they are just using it for online registration site via IPad for the campaign. Jeff and I also decided to try out the Delifrance Tongue Twister Promo and ended up going to Netopia just to print that coupon for the Chicken Bourbon Sampler (around 1/3 of the original). "How much bourbon can a chicken drink if a chicken can drink bourbon?" is stuck in my head after reciting it for the cashier three times. The sampler was good and filling for a snack and it left me thinking that I have tasted something like it before, probably along the lines of Chicken BBQ. Back at the Tang event launching, I ran into a friend who was part of an ad agency handling the event. Here I learned from Jeff that several ad agencies can work together, but with separate jobs, at the same campaign. We watched the program until the end when they announced the winner for their contest. The new Tang sachet 3-in-1 drink is a great concept with its different flavors. The good thing about this is that kids can bring it to school and make the drink they like themselves. I don't know about others but this instant drink can teach kids a thing or two about lifting a finger and make their juice.

Dinner was a buffet GC for two claimed at Crowne Plaza Hotel in Galleria. Jeff and I had a great time in 7 Suites and we both agreed that the selection was just right. It is not as abundant as Spiral in Sofitel but it won't lose to Circles or the Hyatt buffets with added points for its location in the heart of Ortigas  which was nearer to us. The selection was complete with a salad bar, bread and cheese corner, cold seafood, Japanese sushi and sashimi, Indian food, Chinese noodles, pasta, pizza and meat section, a generous slab of rib eye and a hidden helping of lechon. There was also a desert corner with fruits, gelato, sherbet, cakes and chocolate fondue. I loved the tomato cream pasta and lemon-butter lobster that I asked for as a favor outside of the selection. The place was not jam-packed too, the service is good and parking is free. It is a quiet place to have a good conversation with your date. 

Expenses for the Day: 
Netopia computer time and printing - Php 12
Delifrance extra order of peach croissant - below Php 100

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