Sunday, October 3, 2010

Heard About Josie Cruz Natori

Today I watched the Lifestyle Channel feature on Josie Cruz Natori, a Filipina designer who has made it in international fashion. From her passion for the arts and music to being proud of her roots to giving back through charity galas, her world must be full of life and purpose. They say that only Josie Natori can bring together the five CEOs of the top department store brands such as Sak's and Bloomingdale's. It's a little sad that I only heard about her today since most of her work is outside of the country. I think they are based in New York but based on the feature, her team is comprised of Filipino designers and workers to make her clothes as well.

What is good about the designs is that they are simple and mostly looks very Asian. Her lingerie would surely make me smile in secret. Her other pieces are designed to be worn outside the house as well as inside. Natori's forte is beadwork and embroidery (I would love to have one of those silky robes.). What I love most are the ready-to-wear pieces that will make you look simple and chic. Her collections are available only in Rustan's here in the Philippines. I must say that I wish someday I could splurge in style with her creations. I would remember that name in the meantime and I will be in the lookout for her three brands Josie, Cruz and Natori when I go shopping.

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