Sunday, October 24, 2010

Single Princesses and Blind Dates Drama 单身公主相亲记

Watch Single Princesses and Blind Dates Drama 单身公主相亲记 (My Literal Translation: Single Princess/es Blind Dating Diary) if you are into Chinonovelas. The length of the series is 30 episodes, about 20 hours total. The film's major locations are Shanghai and ChongMing Dao 崇明島. Single Princesses and Blind Dates is a Mainland production. It just hit the TV screens in the Mainland and I happened to catch it one day. Don't be surprised if they convert it to Filipino in the next few months. You'll also see what sand art is all about. I just finished my marathon today. Here are my two favorite characters: 

It would be overkill if these two ended up together in the series.

Almost all women do not want to be single all their lives. At least more than half would dream of walking down that aisle in that perfect white wedding gown with the man of their dreams or the love of their life. Thus, the yearning for that perfect mate brought about traditions of blind dates or "kaishao" in our world for those who haven't had the luck of meeting the right one in their normal circles. Sometimes it is hard to be a single woman in our world especially when you get to the marrying age. Parents just couldn't wait to reap the fruits of all their investment. Of course, it was ingrained in some way that when looking for that mate, he has to possess a certain grade of qualities or quantities at the very least. In this story, five single women are represented: 1.) the hardworking, kind and loyal who gets left behind and confused, 2.) the boyish, confident and loves truly who gets cheated, 3.) the older, successful and beautiful who dumps men 4.) the fat, kind and humble who never had someone look at her and 5.) the idol and the beautiful divorced who had a perfect love story who lost herself in love and gets dumped by her husband. They all tried to look for love through blind dating and ended up being rejected or rejecting at first sight because they all had the pressure of marriage at the back of their minds. When true love presents itself though wide and open, this we also do, they neglect it until its gone. Their friendship binds this story and keeps it together. Know the answer to this ultimate question in Chapter 30, "What is it that women want?" It's the ability to make their own destiny.

Watch out: One character becomes a blogger!

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