Monday, October 4, 2010

I Found Kalihim!

I was surprised to find it in a bakeshop like Globake but I finally know its name - it's Kalihim! It's my favorite childhood treat and I used to ride a tricycle to that small bakery near our old house just to buy some. The one I found in Globake looked much more presentable but the filling was not quite the same. This had like an ube coconut taste unlike my favorite which had a more reddish color and more sugary filling. The filling is supposed to be a little harder too but the bread was just right and slightly sweet. I was so happy and reminisced about the old-style pan de sal, soft sugar doughnuts and the kababayan. The traditional Filipino small bakery (panaderia) is scarce and hard to find already, at least those that sells yummy Pinoy bread. The taste from commercialized ones like Pan de Manila do not quite capture that authentic taste anymore.

Some Childhood Memories: I had always been a picky-eater when I was young. It was probably reinforced by the special feeling I get whenever my mom and dad would remember to buy my favorites every time they see them in a store wherever they go. I remembered that I could go on eating just rice and water for days if there was nothing I wanted on the table. I could, however, eat scrambled eggs, instant noodles and sinigang at x number of times a day if the cook can't think of anything else. It would be the first to go if it was my favorite. At a certain age, I have stopped eating shrimp, raw food and innards by choice. I have only grown out of the first at this point.  I eat veggies at a minimal amount but I like vegetarian food like Bodhi and those in temples abroad. I am also a self-confessed meat(beef)-eater. I don't like chicken and fish and I stay away from them (which is a problem I am trying to resolve since I am a blogger).

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  1. i like than bread too! also the kababayan sold in neighborhood bakeries! tastes better than those sold in commercial bakeshops.


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