Sunday, October 17, 2010

Stuck in Fantasyland

I attended my first authentic Kiddie Party last Friday - AS IN! The clubhouse was reserved for this occasion and a party organizer was hired to do the works for a seventh birthday party - balloons, decorations, stage, tables, catering, program and a fairy emcee. The guest list could easily have been 200-250 people and the mix was around half-half adults and kiddies. I was oblivious to the program going on but I could hear the kids dancing, singing, performing and playing games on stage with their victimized mommys, daddys and yayas. Our side (the back portion) was filled with babies, relatives and friends of the celebrant's parents who engaged in their adult talk.

I was lost with my childlike enchantment of the other activities prepared also for the kiddies. I was probably somewhere in the middle of growing up and trying to be an adult in the circumstance. One consequence of being "in-between" was that I was not satisfied with the catering of the Chinese noodles, chicken, plain rice, laing, lechon and grilled prawns. Why? Well, there were much more other interesting  food on the sides in carts! There was the waffle dog, the mini pizza, the "yoghurt" cone, potato corner and candy corner that served all the junk food I could eat at that one night. I sampled everything, of course, and got my second and third helpings (even took home some Candy Corner treats!). As for activities, the lady wouldn't let me print my name on stickers (told me there were no more but she let kids print after me!) and there were a lot of people in the photo booth so I just watched the kids do it. I ended the night playing a laser game with the ITouch. I probably shouldn't attend the next one though (it's bad for everybody). Just imagine holding a party for your kid until she reaches 18.

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