Thursday, October 14, 2010

An Encounter With Guyabano

My dinner was paired with guyabano shake yesterday. The fruit was not alien to me and I have always thought that it was an okay fruit (not as bad as durian or papaya which would make me cringe at the thought of eating) although I don't recall eating it even once in my entire life. At my first sip, I couldn't help but think that I have tasted it before. It must have been one of those canned juices we used to have with the Melon Milk and Peach Drink. Before finishing half the glass of the shake, I also noticed that the contents were a bit chewy. It was a different experience drinking a juice with chewy "pulp" and it made me decide that I would rather drink guyabano juice than eat the fruit by itself. I was proud of myself for trying something unfamiliar and adding to my accomplishments for the day (I made improvised kimchi rice for lunch and sushi rolls in the afternoon). Come nighttime, I was craving for something to eat or drink while watching TV in my room and I surprisingly reached out for another round of the guyabano shake in the fridge (this time i filtered the juice a little). I also began googling about it (primarily to see what those chewy things looked like inside the fruit) and learned a thing or two about the guyabano.

Guyabano is also known as soursop. The taste is described as a cross between a strawberry and a pineapple (I found myself nodding) and the aftertaste reminds people of eating a banana or a coconut (again, I agree). I came across entries that said it has been said to be a cure for cancer according to numerous scientific research and are as effective as chemotherapy. All parts of the plant are being used for other things (mostly for medicinal uses). A warning came up though about eating this fruit: do not eat the seeds. The guyabano seeds are indigestible and are toxic (it contains a poison). That was where my research ended because my mind screamed "Uh-hoh!" I saw some black seeds in my shake.

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  1. haha! mom made us eat the fruit once. Loved the taste but the texture leaves much to be desired. Ang hirap nguyain!


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