Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Chili's Alcohol Ban

Elections can be good for a country in many other ways. Apart from the gun ban and bodyguard ban, establishments and citizens actually follow the alcohol ban a week before the election day. It was the night before the elections and we found ourselves in Chili's for an impromptu chitchat with our friend. Of course, Chili's is known among the youth mostly for its cocktails and free-flowing alcohol paired with its big servings of American-style food. Because of the alcohol ban, I came to appreciate new food and good conversation even without the help of the spirits.

Maybe this just shows that we can use the law to guide citizens if strictly implemented and we can do without vices for a few days if presented in a sound and logical way. I'm just happy I got to taste something different that night. I love the nachos covered with cheese and jalapenos.

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