Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Noodles, My Love

I am having these childhood memories again. This time, it's about noodles. I don't remember the first time I ate noodles like I don't remember almost everything about my life. I have every idea though of preserving my love for noodles for as long as I can. I always look forward to birthday celebrations especially those held in Gloria Maris for the infamous Chinese birthday noodles. They don't have them  as much nowadays due to the other noodle types, which was probably why I love them even more. I am also a fan of Korean noodles because I love a chewy treat. My craving for ramen, on the other hand, has never stopped since I was a kid. My head has been screaming for ramen lately with the opening of Ramen Bar. 

I have never had authentic ramen, even when I went to Japan. I didn't get to step foot in the Ramen museum but I know I've tasted enough to know that just the soup will drown all my sorrows away. I guess for now, Ramen Bar and Little Tokyo can appease my yearning to go back to Japan again. The feeling will probably double once I taste the real thing (like what I have for Kobe beef ever since that trip last June). The Yakiniku beef was distracting enough though, which was also in Ramen Bar's menu.

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  1. Shall we organize a noodle lovers club??? ^_^


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