Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Day for Myself and My Closest Buddies

The Electrolux Wash-a-Palooza event still pushed through with the rain. It was a good day to hang around Eastwood in a Saturday for a change. I was not dressed up for the amazing race but I still had fun watching and being the official photographer for the day. First, I finished all the pasta I could eat in Jack's Loft and chilled out by the lounge all afternoon while they were running around and getting lost. It wasn't hard to keep busy for roughly two hours because of the free WIFI, Jeff's ITouch and the cafe-like experience. The YoCard free postcards and magazines were also there to enrich my mind. The True Faith concert in the early evening was also part of the event and it was fun to realize that I actually grew up with some of their songs (knowing all the lyrics and all). The other bloggers were there to share the victory of Jeff's team. Dinner followed with a generous free serving of Fazoli (although I was never really accustomed to their food). 

The highlights of the day were not limited to that event. I woke up at 7a.m. to get ready to invade the Forever21 sale in Megamall and I was happy with my purchases. The day ended with a blast when I got to meet my two old friends again in a birthday bash. I went to sleep knowing that I bullied two grown men (or my two closest buddies) to agreeing that they will make themselves available for our barkada get-togethers this time around.=)

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