Monday, February 28, 2011

The Real Thing Diner

Ever since the Minute Maid contest, I had been wishing to have the time to go to my kitchen and cook something out of my ancient Classic Cooking with Coca-Cola recipe book. Imagine my surprise and thrill when I heard of a diner-themed restaurant that serves food mixed with Coca-Cola products. I didn't have to experiment and get my hands dirty for now. I devoted the time instead to gather some friends and insist on going there to have a great time and try out the food in one swift go.

It was just I imagined it to be - there were Coca-Cola memorabilia everywhere. 

I would have liked it to be less modern but it might not have fit into the entire look of the Il Terrazzo in Tomas Morato. The menu selection was not that extensive but it was hard to order just a little out of the Spicy Sarsi Wings, the Eight o'Clock Chicken or Fish Fillet, the Coca-Cola BBQ Burger, the Sprite Span, Royal Tru-Orange Porkchop (Jeff's order - I wasn't a big fan, it left a powdery taste in the mouth), 

Ginger Sprite Tiger Prawns or the Coca-Cola Seafood Jambalaya. Expect the ones that have the Coke products to be on the sweet side (the Spicy Sarsi wings was sweet and not spicy). 

Most of the menu didn't have Coke products but the Creamy Tomato Soup (P99) with an order of the Chicken Amigo (P259) was such a winner for me. 

I am still craving for such rich flavors in my mouth. 

My drink tasted great although I can probably make a lot more at home for the price (Coke with Sarsi, Cinnamon and Vanilla Ice Cream). I was never a fan of cinnamon but it actually blended well with the rest of the drink. 

Ultimately, I went to The Real Thing for the refreshing experience. If I get a Coke and open happiness, picture me in The Real Thing spending the night away with friends while eating every bite of that Chicken Amigo.

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