Friday, December 24, 2010

12 A.M. Craving Satisfied!

Having that craving at 12 a.m. but can't decide where to go? We went to a place I swore I'd never try and I was more than 100% satisfied. This place is open until the wee hours of the morning. It can actually be a date place for those who just love to eat.

Kebab restaurants have been sprouting in Manila for years, Jeff's been raving about his love of kebabs for some time now and I have always resisted the thought of picking it out of Persian-like menus. My first time to eat kebabs probably left a bad impression. 

We went to Mister Kabab one early morning, as in after 12 a.m., and I found myself in a crowded open-aired restaurant in Quezon City. My friend and I just arrived from our separate Hong Kong flights and decided to rendezvous in Mister Kabab to exchange luggages (plus appease our midnight food cravings at her all-time favorite place). Watch out for my latest Hong Kong escapades in my travel blog -

My favorite from Mister Kabab turned out to be plain, simple kabab with rice. That margarine on rice was so heavenly. I couldn't stop eating and it was way past my bedtime. 

Here are the other orders. I think getting used to the hommus was difficult though.

Mister Kabab just made it to my list! Check out My Favorite Guiltless Restaurant Picks In Manila / Also Top Guiltless Date Places in Manila by clicking on this link!

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