Wednesday, December 1, 2010

What is This Bibincrepe?

This is the largest bibincrepe (pronounced bibingcrepe) ever made. It measures two meters and is really folded in half stuffed with different fillings. 

The bibingcrepe is only available at Halfmoon Cafe in the Tomas Morato area and at the other Halfmoon Cafe in Mines View Park Hotel Baguio. The idea of the bibingcrepe is not new to me. I even experimented with my own bibingcrepe in our Baguio class since I was allergic to chocolate.

Revisit my Baguio bibingcrepe-making lesson here.

The unveiling of the Biggest Bibingcrepe Event became more interesting because of the Bibingcrepe designing competition with our fellow bloggers. 

Creative juices came pouring out, at least for the guys in my team. 

I was blank with ideas and wanted to watch them do it while eating a warm and perfect bibingcrepe - crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. Who could concentrate if I was constantly thinking of a warm bibingcrepe My Style (with a LOT of marshmallows and condensed milk)?

Here's our team's 2-character and reversible Bibingcrepe creation. 

Here's my attempt at being creative... making stuff up and shooting other entries and creations!

This is the reverse side of our creation. It does look like an old man or monkey, right?

Other Team's Freedom Creation


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