Monday, December 27, 2010

Me-Time Moments With My New Lumix and Dove Chocolates

You probably won't see me or my Lumix here but you will see my subjects, a lot of moments and what my new Lumix can do. Behind those moments is actually my moment with my camera and my desire to capture my friends' and family's first moments with Dove Chocolates and to improve my photography skills. Of course, some of them ate the Dove Chocolates so quickly so I have an excuse as to why the pictures turned out that way. I got my Dove Chocolates and Lumix at the same time so these were some of my first shots.

I used to see Dove Chocolates in supermarkets abroad. Now, this world-renowned silky smooth chocolate is available in Manila.

I shared my Dove chocolates with my family and friends in the spirit of Christmas. (I was actually also curious to find out how people eat their chocolate bars, by hand per piece or just eat it straight-on.) Is there a common factor?

Me-Time Moments with Dove Chocolate.

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