Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Lots of NomNomNom, None For Me

I can recommend something I've tried in NomNomNom, it was the best one for the night. Here's the thing: I think it's chicken or fish but I'm sure it was not my order.

NomNomNom is not my cup of tea but everything felt light and healthy. Here are the rest of our orders.

I would not order this one again though. Bummer coz' it's one of my favorite pasta dishes. It's called "Tomato Cream Pasta". Probably a "healthier" version.

1st - "Literally white pasta with cream? and tomato. Too Salty." - Mel
2nd - "Soaked in LOTs of flavorless water" - Mel
Comment - Service too busy for us. No refund. No change item. No more takes daw. We just put the fritter mayo by ourselves to do some damage control. My sister ate it declaring, "Sayang eh."

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