Friday, December 10, 2010

Looking for Car Insurance Experts Online?

I don't have a car but others I know might. If you're reading this, you surely have some form of access to the Internet. This news just in: You can buy your car insurance online now in Manila (without talking to anyone if you're tired of hearing from insurance companies). This website can give you an instant quote based on your car model and their recommended insurance even on a holiday. You pay the market rates with your credit card instantly. Your car is insured! Just wait for the policy in your doorstep. 

I am hoping they can accommodate other types of insurance online in the future. Just remember that anything outside the website like life, non-life and memorial can still be negotiated through the hotline like traditional insurance agencies. If you prefer it simple and online for your car, just go to the Insurance Experts Agency website.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this, Melody. Car owners should definitely read this one. Auto insurance nowadays are quite lenient in giving quotes because they want their clients to know the cost upon enrollment. But just to be sure, visit your trusted insurance company to know the whole coverage and cost.


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