Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Limited Edition BPI Globe Tattoo Stick

BPI is one of my favorite banks in Manila. Globe is my preferred telecommunications provider in Manila. Both teamed up and just made the impossible possible. Let me tell you my story and my issue with the current Globe Tattoo stick I have. I am a travel blogger, always on the move and attached to the online world. I don't want to enable the internet on my mobile phone lest I accidentally or it automatically selects the wrong billable connection. I usually bring my laptop with me so I need that Globe Tattoo stick and it works well once it has been loaded. 

My problem starts when the load is used up. I have to find a store or somebody who can do pass some load to the tattoo sim (my phone is blocked somehow). I can access BPI Online without needing the load with the new BPI 24/7 Globe Tattoo Stick! Therefore, I can load my BPI Globe Tattoo Stick online first and pay for the internet after that. Thank you for thinking about this cool product!


  1. I noticed my load in Globe Tattoo is not real time. I also noticed loading has to be in P100s, P250s or P500s. I am unsure if my last load of P150 was accepted. I got an acknowledgement but got no load in my Globe Tattoo stick. How should I retrieve my payment?

  2. Hi Clover. Their advice is to call their 24-hour Phonebanking service since they need to verify the details of your concern. Just dial:

    • 89-100 for Metro Manila
    • 1-800-188-89100 for domestic toll-free calls (where available)
    • Access Code + 63 + 2 + 89-10000 for mobile phone users or international calls or through our International Toll Free Numbers which may be found in this link:*

    * To be able to access the toll-free numbers, make sure that you are using telephone services supported by the carrier indicated in the table. For those using mobile services, please check with your service providers if calls to international or special numbers are allowed. Applicable fees or charges imposed by the service provider are for the caller's account.

    Once you are connected, kindly press 0 thrice to talk to a Phonebanker who will be glad to assist you after positive identification has been conducted.


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