Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Food Writer's Top 22 Memories

I hope to have a wealth of meaningful experiences throughout my life. I am willing to try on other people's shoes and I might just have an experience of my own worth writing about even if it is the same experience. From an expert's point of view, everything seems so easy, memorable and magical. I long to be an expert in my own right and write about my foodie experiences from my own tastes, likes and dislikes.

I am linking this list of Margaux Salcedo's Top 22 Food Memories as a food writer for the Inquirer Magazine so that I may not forget my dream. It is not becoming a food writer. It is just having a list in the future of vivid memories of what good/bad and memorable food means for me. Some say the internet is forever so I'm leaving this link and what it is for me here for future use instead of burying it under my bookmarks. And when the time comes that I am faced with eating sushi, I will take a peak at The Art of Eating Sushi by mom-daughter team Millie and Karla Reyes.

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