Thursday, November 10, 2011

Flapjacks Power Breakfast

I'm not fond of eating breakfast. It usually means "store up because you'll need it for what you're about to do before lunch" like hiking or sports activities or travel time on a bus or studying or working or too much brain activity. I almost always hear my stomach already growling before 11 a.m. if I wake up early and eat breakfast. I tell you, it gets really annoying. But how can I refuse when J asked me out for a Flapjacks breakfast the night before?

I didn't worry about the body-clock adjustment from the shift in blogger time and had J make sure that I was awake on that particular Tuesday morning. I brought all the stuff I needed for blogging and work to Flapjacks because I found out that there was WIFI. From the menu, I picked out the Traditional French Toast (P175 + SC) and the Filipino Platter (P395 + SC), which had everything that a half-awake fickle me could want for breakfast.

I loved the French Toast, especially with the melted liquid butter and the powdered sugar. I didn't need the syrup anymore.

The Filipino Platter included Corned Beef, Tocino and Vigan Longganisa. The Corned beef and Tocino (check if it is cooked thoroughly) were common and I liked the Vigan Longganisa most for that unique wake-me-up flavor in my mouth so early in the morning. 

J and I were super stuffed while working. I know where to get breakfast now when I don't get enough of it at home. I was still A-ok for a late 3 p.m. lunch that day. No stomach growling. One funny thing though was there were a lot of "joggers" in Flapjacks eating after their run.

Store Details:
Open For Breakfast and Mall Hours
Ground Level, Theatre Mall, Greenhills Shopping Center
Ortigas Ave., Greenhills, San Juan

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