Sunday, November 20, 2011

Papa John's Jr. Papa's Meal in Manila

I grew up with Pizza Hut, Shakey's, Sbarro, Greenwich and Domino's when it comes to pizza cravings in Manila. Over the years, players like Yellow Cab, California Pizza Kitchen, Brooklyn Pizza, Don Henrico's Pizza, Sicilian Pizza, Sandy's Pizza, Calda Pizza had slowly introduced me to even more variety of specialty pizzas in all shapes and sizes. I was already having a hard time choosing among all of them. Now, there's one more contender vying for my attention. I hear of Papa John's coming to Manila for the first time almost a year ago.

Here's what I like about my Papa John's experience apart from the superb service. J and I dropped by one afternoon to grab some merienda that is a common habit here in Manila. We were not too full and not too hungry. Like kiddies, we ordered one Jr. Papa's Pasta + Coke (P120+10%SC for the Carbonara) 

and one Jr. Papa's Pizza + Coke (P160+10%SC for the BBQ Chicken). 

The BBQ Chicken Jr. Papa Pizza (4 slices) was good enough in size although there were only a few chunks of meat in there, if any. Probably getting the other 3 available flavors next time to be sure: Pepperoni, Hawaiian or Cheese. I like the crunchy crust because it doesn't leave an oily film in your hands. They have a dip too for it if you miss the oil.

As if the kiddie in me just wanted to have some fun, I ordered a single scoop of vanilla ice cream (P40+10%SC) to add to my rootbeer (part main course and part dessert). Afternoon treats with drinks for the "little" girl (and not restricted for kiddie meals) at Papa John's! This is for the snack eaters in Manila who can't finish a whole big, big pan of pizza.

Store Details:
Papa John's Pizza Greenhills
53B Annapolis Street, Greenhills, San Juan

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