Thursday, November 24, 2011

Kashmir Indian Food in Makati

J surprised me one day and said we were going Indian for the night. I had my first taste of Indian food when an Indian elder brought us to this Indian restaurant in Shanghai and I've loved it ever since especially the sweet, sweet dessert called Gulabjamun. My picks gradually extended to Mango Lassi in Beijing and finally, Masala and Palak Paneer here in Manila back when New Bombay Restaurant first opened in Wilson Street in Greenhills (J got his first taste from this one). Time for Kashmir Indian Restaurant in Makati! They serve Indian, Malaysian and Middle Eastern Cuisine.

It seems we found another upscale date place. Says in the website that it's Manila's oldest Indian fine dining restaurant. There were not a lot of people, although I know based on what the Indian elder told me before, Indians eat late (around 9 p.m.).

Indian food is a little expensive in Manila so we stuck with the few that we know for now - Kashmir style. Our total bill was around P1350. We went with the Rogan Josh Kashmiri. It tastes like Indian kaldereta filled with tender mutton slices.

It goes well with soft and chewy Chapati (bottom left in the picture below) and the Mango Yohgurt Drink (Lassi).

I stay away from crunchier Naans like this because it's hard on the roof of my mouth but...

it goes well with this Paneer. We ordered Palak Paneer (Spinach with Cottage Cheese) and we're used to it being bright green and this came out. We never stopped munching that's for sure. The taste was different, rich and very addicting.

Finally, for dessert, we had Gulabjamun. I like New Bombay's for this one. I like it served hot and moist. Not sure if they make these fresh but canned is very fine. You just have to find the right brand I guess.

Definitely an alternative to the only Indian restaurant we know in Manila.

Store Details:
Kashmir Makati
Open Mondays to Sundays 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.
Festejo Building - near AIM Conference Center
816 Arnaiz Avenue (formerly Pasay Road), Makati
8444924 / 8444927

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