Friday, November 11, 2011

Chocolate 101 at Heavenly Chocolates

I got a tall Honeydew Bubble Tea to curb my cravings before we headed to the Heavenly Chocolates. Better be prepared or succumb to the temptations of chocolate from the Heavenly Chocolates Nama Chocolate collection. 

Although I am allergic to cocoa, there was a time or there are times when I just love a good chocolatey experience. There are times when I find myself saying that I just think I have allergic reactions but I really don't (and that it's all in the mind). This is how the Dark Belgian Chocolate Cake looks like today and I actually gave in that week. My latest chocolate overload occurred at Dairy Queen last year and I felt fine. Maybe I just go for good quality chocolates. 

For me as a travel blogger, understanding the creation of chocolate is a different and memorable experience in itself. It was in Heavenly Chocolates that I learned what I know of my favorite allergen of all. I attended one of their Chocolate 101: Chocolate Appreciation Workshops at that time (they used to hold an event every month in their private room upstairs and it's FREE). I rummaged through my notes and finally found this to share with you.

chocolate appreciation workshop. 
  • new learnings: 
    • ghana-95% bought by japan and korea because of smoothness and there is no bitter taste yummiest and most expensive of all chocolates, 
    • ivory coast-where belgian chocolates almost all chocolates from europe we buy come from, second yummiest next to ghana, 
    • madagascar chocolate, indonesian chocolate - primarily for production of commercial stuff like cocoa powder and where chocolate bars come from
  • cocoa fruit is tangy somewhat cross between guyabano and guava, the beans are fermented then dried and roasted to make chocolate, but in the philippines, the beans don't ferment so local does not taste as good, they dry and roast it directly
  • white chocolate is made from cocoa butter-like eating all fat
  • there is a cheaper alternative to royce when it comes to nama (the-melts-in-your-mouth one) - sachi nama
  • the origins of ganache - do not call me a ganache! haha. hot cream poured in chopped chocolate, chocolate mixed with cream or milk was a no-no back then because it was believed to ruin the taste of the chocolate until ganache...
  • oh how can i forget. mendiants-a christmas Parisian treat of a berry,two nuts and a spice in melted my case,it was cardamom,almond,pecan and cranberry in rich ghana chocolate
  • making truffles and ganache are easy, they just vary in percentages of the same ingredients

Let's see if you can still resist this. Here's what I watched my friends eat and drink while I was abstaining from chocolates that other time at Heavenly Chocolates:

Store Details:
Heavenly Chocolates
Open Mondays to Saturdays 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.
Open Sundays 11 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.
127 Roces Avenue, Quezon City
near McDo Tomas Morato and beside Taste of LA

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