Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Pizza Hut Manila Tuscani Pizza!

Meatlovers, please! This is how I remember our family Pizza Hut ordering days when everybody was at home during summers or weekends. It didn't matter if the crust was thick or if it was oily or if there was only hot sauce and no chili flakes yet at that time. What mattered was - even my mom was game to give us money to order that pizza and we would always look forward to those afternoon pizza snack with the family together. We're all grown up now, with our different sets of lifestyles, eating habits, healthy options and soon-to-be separate lives. 911-1111 was a thing of the past for me until J and I had a Pizza Hut Bistro dinner in Megamall. This shot was taken via Blackberry so pardon the quality.

I would always wonder why the image of Pizza Hut in China was a fine dining place. During my Beijing days, eating in Pizza Hut was a kind of luxury. The ambiance was also different from Manila's Pizza Hut and there delivery is not uso. When we had that Pizza Hut Bistro dinner this week, I felt like I was in Italianni's in Manila and Pizza Hut in Beijing. The menu was different and we found out about the gourmet thin-crust Tuscani Pizzas! It was so hard to choose from the Gourmet BBQ Chicken, the Premium All-Meat, the 3-Cheese, Bacon and Spinach, the Roast Beef and the Supremo. The price ranged from P319 to P349 for the medium size and P499 to P549 for the super family size so the price difference +10%SC was not an issue.

The Roast Beef was super fun to eat with lots of their homemade hot sauce and finish with J. Let me tell you that there were loads of beef chunks, shiitake mushrooms, cheeses and uber yummy garlic steak sauce in that medium serving. It also didn't feel heavy to eat the crust because it's filled with toppings to the edge instead of like eating oily bread before. I told J that I would take home the last piece and my brother ended up eating it first, probably without knowing that it was from Pizza Hut. It looked gourmet even with a picture taken from my BB.

We also ordered the Italian Grilled Chops (P229+10%SC). It was the leanest chops we ever ate and the tomatoes were grilled perfectly. It didn't even taste unhealthy. I just missed all the fat in my chops suddenly. J always says the essence is all in the fat plus meat. Haha. I think I balanced it with the rice. The rice was superb with the buttery taste and mushrooms, especially the spoonfuls under the meat with all the drippings.

Apparently, they have all these gourmet items in the menu and not just pizza, spaghetti and a liter of coke. I wonder how long it has been... The impression is so different from a friendly Pizza Hut lady talking to a young girl via phone, sometimes she calls and asks for me, offering Palm Cards and the latest Pizza and Softdrinks combo. 

I'm inviting you to dine at a Pizza Hut Bistro today. It was a whole new gourmet Italian experience for me. I'm getting used to craving for Pizza Hut these past few days now.

Store Details:
Pizza Hut Bistro
3rd Level Bridgeway (near the Atrium), SM Megamall B
Open Mondays to Sundays 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.
632-9409, 631-6277

P.S. In the blogging world at this moment, Roast Beef = DSLR Camera. I'm imagining winning it and giving it to J (Mr. Boy Kuripot of http://boy-kuripot.blogspot.com) so he doesn't have to drive all the way to my house to borrow mine. Haha. He gave me my Lumix GF1 to take better pictures as a travel blogger so this is my Girl Kuripot (http://girl-kuripot.blospot.com) way of supporting him as the best promo, contest and freebie blogger in the Philippines! =)

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