Monday, January 30, 2012

Craving for Couscous of Cafe Provencal Shangrila

I knew I had to try couscous the first time I saw people eating it in Morocco on television. That was one of the many reasons why Morocco is on the top of my list. J unknowingly ordered couscous in Manila. I didn't notice it - the lamb chop was all I remember on the Cafe Provencal menu. Was I wrong? My heart says it was couscous. Take a closer look for me, will you?

I was preoccupied with the bread and pesto mayo for a while. This is something I would like to learn to make at home.

The tomato soup was a little too strong for me, with a bitter aftertaste. I like my tomato soup to be more on the creamy side.

The Barbeque Porkchops were fine and there was a little marbling going on. It went so well with the couscous.

And finally, the lamb chops came out. There were actually three chops. I asked them to separate a medium well. The sauce was superb. 

I think the star was the couscous. I wonder if this one was made from millet or barley or semolina. It's not like eating rice. In fact, I would trade rice for this. It's grainy and the flavor with the brown sauce just rolled in my mouth in teeny tiny pieces. I would come back for this. Crossing my fingers that I am right. I'm glad I ate it first at Cafe Provencal =)

Store Details:
Cafe Provencal Shangri-La Mall
Open Mondays to Sundays Mall Hours

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