Monday, January 9, 2012

Gino's Brick Oven Pizza in Katipunan

First time we tried out Gino's Brick Oven Pizza.

We can understand that your ventillation broke down and it was hot, hot like this Buffalo Wings Pizza that looked so nice and colorful, at least in my eyes.

Couldn't understand though why your pizza was burnt, dark with holes all over from below and tasted bitter. First time we heard that brick oven pizzas are "really this way". We just finished the whole thing and moved on. 


  1. Sorry it wasn't so great Mel! I really wanted to try this place din but I guess not anymore. Sayang!

  2. uhm. ganyan talaga ang brick oven pizza. marami ka pang kelangan kainin...

  3. I just came from Napoli Italy and authentic brick oven pizzas are supposed to be the way you've described it. If the pizza dough is made and cooked correctly in a brick oven, it should have the burnt bits. It gives this type of pizza its distinct rustic flavor. Please do some research before writing something you have little or no knowledge about.

    1. Dear Anonymous x2,

      I'm not claiming to be an expert. All my posts reflect my personal preference and opinion. It was my first time to taste a super burnt, hole-y and bitter brick oven pizza in Manila.

      Moving on.

  4. Almost lahat ng blogs na nabasa ko.. Sayo lang may negative na comment dun sa pizza nila.. Well siguro nga every person has a different palate. (:


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