Sunday, October 23, 2011

Blogger Manila and New Jollibee Menu Picks!

Blogger Manila just celebrated it's first year in the blogosphere! Many thanks to Jonel for the invitation and for including us in the Jollibee party. You were one of the first bloggers that J introduced me to in my early years of attending blogging events and gigs. Thank you for always being around and congratulations on your most recent awards and milestones. I acknowledge you for creating the Blogger Manila apprentice program and being of service to fellow bloggers. Lastly, thank you for the prize and the new Jollibee experience =)

I smiled at the thought that the celebration was going to be at Jollibee. I don't remember kiddie parties in Jollibee and McDo anymore and it sounded like fun. The Jonel I know always has something for everybody. I looked up and saw the Strawberry Sundae then the new Chicken Nuggets. Smart move, Jollibee, I was intrigued if it tasted the same. J had the Hash Brown Burger and the Blue Bubble Gum Sprite Float. 

I loved the Sundae and the Float was okay. 

The Nuggets was mushy and I don't like heavy fried potatoes on my burger. I miss the good old Amazing Aloha! Please bring it back even for the holidays! It was fun hanging out there though with grown-ups and reliving the joy and simplicity of eating at my childhood favorite Jollibee. Nothing's gonna change my love for the Jollibee Burger Steak, Jolly Hotdog, Peach-Mango Pie and Regular Yum with Cheese. Thanks, Jonel!

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