Monday, October 31, 2011

Food Galore at Venice Piazza, Platter for 8

I was a mighty Plus One on this day. There were 14 platters to choose from and we were only 5. To be a glutton by glancing is what happens when there are so many choices in front of you, when a swarm of eager waiters from each restaurant approaches the table and you're hungry. There's Blackwood Bistro, Carlo's Pizza, Empire Deli, KBOP, Kuse, Little Asia, Old Vine Grille, Pincho's Restaurant and Bar, Ramen Bar, The Red Crab, Sol Gelato, Stacker's Burger Cafe, Sweet Pea and Tokyo Cafe.

Here are some dishes that caught my attention:

From Empire Deli, there's a whole roasted chicken, awesome salad with olives and normal pasta. I think P800 for this is understandable. It's good for more than 8 people and not fried like some of the platters..

There's this Chapchae from KBOP, which was perfectly oily and chewy. The platter included dubious but addicting fried squid and fish that didn't quite fit my taste.

I was looking for the Stacker's Burger that I loved and chicken and spaghetti came out. It was my nth chicken for the night so I had to share with J. Our verdict: if you're craving for Jollibee chicken and spaghetti for your barkada night at the Venice Piazza, Stackers got it right. The caesar salad was not bad and the mozarella sticks were the first to go.

For rice and fried lovers, there's the Red Crab Arianne's Platter and the Carlo's Pizza Fantastic Four Platter.

Finally, I have a love-hate relationship with Sol Gelato. This has 12 scoops of premium gelato. Find out what happened in my next post.

Choose wisely. Each platter costs P800 on all Saturdays and Sundays of November 2011 at the Venice Piazza. If you want beer, it costs P30 per bottle.

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