Saturday, October 22, 2011

Easy Pha-Max Wheatgrass Stories

I'm not a horse, you can't make me eat grass. I swallowed one big gulp of wheatgrass in S&R and I tasted grass for the first time. I smiled at the lady who gave me a very generous serving, turned around and walked away.

The wheatgrass fad had spread so fast in less than a year. People had started growing and cultivating this precious grass in their homes, wheatgrass juice-making machines were all over the market, wheatgrass became a healthy alternative in juice shops and family or friends just kept on talking about it. When asked about the benefits, people around me kept telling me different things that were cured or they just felt great. Ha, the fad eventually died down these few months and I was forever skeptic. 

One time, a close friend was seriously sick. I thought it was dengue and I attempted to convince him to go to the doctor several times. According to him, he was vomiting, he had fever, he felt weak and he couldn't get up from his bed. There was a difference in his voice when I talked to him again after 2 hours and he got so much better in the next few days. His yaya made him drink something he hasn't tried either and it was green. His yaya knew better. That made me open to the wonder of wheatgrass and I was glad that my friend got his strength back and felt better. Still, I won't drink it for myself, thank you very much.

I attended the first ever Blogapalooza in Manila and surprise! Wheatgrass. When I got home and saw what's in the samples, more wheatgrass from Easy Pha-max! All kinds of wheatgrass in fact - there's plain, with honey, coffee with wheatgrass and soy milk with wheatgrass... The more you resist, the more it persists.

Today, this is my wheatgrass story. I made another label in this blog entitled Amateur Health Nut, I was creating to be healthy today and I was getting ready to blog about what's in the Blogapalooza bag and saw the sachets of Easy Pha-max wheatgrass that I've avoided for so long. I read the benefits of wheatgrass from the Grassroots Times that came with the samples. It said it's known for its "blood cleansing and blood rebuilding properties.. boosts the system by enriching and cleansing the blood, removing waste, attacking viruses, improving digestion." They got me with blood cleansing and digestion. Then I read about the So Easy Colon Cleanse, etc. Needless to say, I ended up saying I would try out the one with the honey. First, Vince of WheninManila talked about the taste of that variant when we met at another event. Second, there was only one sample per variant so might as well not let it go to waste. Third, I'll leave it to the experts and my body. I already felt healthier when I thought about taking something for my health.

Here's what happened. 

I got excited with the review when I saw the product on camera and the morning light.

I opened the Easy Pha-max Wheatgrass Honey sachet and the powder smelled like tea. Surprised, the smell brought back memories of my favorite tea from China. I thought it was a good start to re-appreciate a drink for the "first time". Is this really wheatgrass? 

The fun actually started when I picked which mug to use and stirrer. I said I know wheatgrass looks mossy green in liquid form and icky so maybe a blue-colored mug will mask the color and make the experience more enjoyable. I never use a stirrer too because I don't get the point when you can do it with a spoon. Might as well try one colored red to go with the green to make it feel like Christmas in a flight or an airline lounge =) 

I read the instructions and happily put cold water all the way. At the back of my mind, I prepared for chunks in my wheatgrass and I watched as the powder formed on top. I went to wash the stirrer and came back and, phew, the floating things were gone without stirring. I gave it extra swirls to make sure there weren't any lumps stuck at the bottom with the magic stirrer.

For maximum effect, I had this drink before I ate anything. There it was... and it looked like orange juice with the mug... and as I drank, it tasted like refreshing cold and sweet tea with a hint of calamansi in the morning. I also took a closer look at the Chinese characters in the sachet while slowly drinking, almost halfway. I noticed the little things and it meant that I was enjoying every moment and that I was present to the grace I had given myself to live my life to the fullest. It read 蜂蜜小麥草素(Fengmi XiaoMai CaoSu, It's Honey Wheat Grass Hormone/Veggie). The word 麥 Mai caught my attention. Although it is translated as wheat, it can also mean Barley (Wheat) so it was just like drinking my favorite cold barley tea with a sweet twist in the morning and I was happy for the taste and this experience. I even got present to how I miss Chinese.

I welcomed the thought that my mind was playing tricks on me. I looked at the time and the whole experience took less than 15 minutes.

And now I'm blogging about wheatgrass and it's a long post. I've never been present to so many wheatgrass stories in my life until today. Some of it actually got in the way and made the experience unbearable without even trying the actual thing. If you ask me what I got out of this Easy Pha-max Review experience, it's savoring every moment and making it memorable, taking a shot at being healthy and being creative over the circumstance, making time slow down happily and writing about stories like these from the heart.


  1. Easy Pha-max wheatgrass with honey is a good and nutritious drink because of its health benefits like its ability to clean the blood like you've mentioned in your post. Plus, the honey boosts the immune system so this drink not just cleanses the blood but it also protects the body against certain diseases. Fiber also helps improve one's digestion. Overall, it's a good alternative if you're craving for a sweet but healthy drink...don't forget to serve it very very cold for a more enjoyable wheatgrass experience

  2. Which is better? the pure wheat grass or this one that you just tried?

    1. i like it sweet so the one with honey =)

  3. I was thinking of buying the pure version since 34 calories lang un then i will add honey na 60 calories rather than this honey version kasi it has 394 (?) calories already

  4. Can i add milk to make wheatgrass latte?


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