Saturday, October 29, 2011

Unlimited Cravings Festival

While a lot of mall-goers took the opportunity of a payday weekend coinciding with a sale period, my friend and I were busy shopping in a non-sale mall and enjoying the Unlimited Cravings Festival in Shangri-La. It was a very happy Sunday dinner. Imagine, P450 for unlimited Cravings salad, soup, roasted chicken, dessert, coffee, cake and iced tea! I didn't notice the come in a full orange outfit and get it for free part until today.

I love the do-it-yourself Cravings Caesar Salad. J often warned me to not get too much and leave some room for the actual meal but I just don't want to listen, especially when we're at Cravings Eastwood Mall. For me, getting a plateful of green ice lettuce, carrots, turnips and corn smothered with the Cravings Caesar dressing is as "healthy" and as sulit as I can get in their buffet.

The soup doesn't look good and doesn't look much in pictures but it was a welcomed hungry tummy soother.

The roasted chicken came out and we were like "It's half a chicken for EACH person. We should have asked if we can only have our favorite parts para di sayang." The first serving of the unlimited half chicken was good for two people, at least by my standards and we were both not fans of chicken breast. 

My friend went for the chocolate dessert and it was cheesecake for me. At first, I was about to say it was thin and it was pretty understandable by the end of the meal. We couldn't breathe after that first round and we were ready to walk it all off.

I'm looking forward to the next Unlimited Cravings Festival and Roast Beef Day. Their main course changes per day. We were just two mall-goers who happened to shop during the Unlimited Cravings Festival and Roasted Chicken Day. It was just perfect for free-flowing conversation about life and food with a friend. 

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