Sunday, October 30, 2011

Watch 3D at Resorts World Manila! - What to Do, A Long Weekend Suggestion

J and I went to watch Puss in Boots in 3D at the Newport Cinemas the other day and I finally got a breakthrough in watching 3D cartoons. I think my fear developed out of my Disneyland and Universal Studios 4D experiences, the ones where the droids or aliens or terminators and even Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse or swarms of insects are in front of you. I would always place my 3D glasses half-way down my nose to remind me that everything was not real. I would never pay attention to the story and I passed on the chance to watch Shrek and even Toy Story in 3D. Yes, I let cartoons torture me then and I have a super active imagination.

A not-so-cute-more-scary-looking Puss in Boots greeted us at the red carpet. It wasn't that bad, just not the face I was expecting. There's a cute and irresistible Puss in Boots picture below.

Then I saw the Puss in Boots poster. Hello, Antonio Banderas. I'd definitely watch a cartoon movie if it was Johnny Depp, too.

I told J this was my first time to watch in a Resorts World Manila cinema. I got comfortable with the cushioned seats immediately. I chose the unoccupied center seats in the front M section but I guess every seat in the house was fine since there was adequate spacing per level and the heads were not in the way. I just wished the armrest could be lifted. Pretty please.. 

Here's my sorry attempt to imitate Puss in Boots. It seems I can only do cross-eyed. I'll use this on J next time and see if it works haha.

I came prepared with my new DAILIES AquaComfort Plus Contact Lenses from Ciba Vision. Here's another attempt of that thing I do hehe.

These DAILIES are disposable 1-time wear soft lenses, perfect for a clean-freak like me. No more solutions and eyeglasses plus they changed the formulation to make the lenses-that-don't-actually-dry-up-already more non-dry and comfy. I hated the last-minute, same-day plans to watch 3D movies with J because I would always happen to wear eyeglasses under the 3D glasses. That's not just double vision by the way.

Going back to the movie, I actually enjoyed the 3D experience. There was an adjustment period at the start and J told me not to freak out, to just relax and find the right angle. I melted into the Newport cinema chair. I enjoyed the whole movie experience except for the brief moments when they zoom in on the characters or an object and I get dizzy. Gone are the days when there's a "please put your glasses on" sign and a short 3-minute 3D action will be displayed. That was my first 3D Superman experience in Manila and it cost so much more for that. 

I don't want to be a movie spoiler. Puss in Boots is a good movie for me. The 3D experience enlivens it. The kids of Virlanie Foundation who were guests of Virlanie ambassador Tim Yap and who were in the theatre with us kept on laughing and I think that says a lot already. If you're a kid-at-heart, you'll get to meet and see our childhood Humpty Dumpty, Jack & Jill and Jack & The Beanstalk again in a different light.

So go experience 3D in Resorts World during the long weekend and watch while there are not a lot of people left in Manila! 

Special thanks to Megaworld!

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