Sunday, May 25, 2014

#100HappyDays The Me Day

A certain someone changed my outlook in one conversation a few years ago. She told me to make time for myself (just try it once in my lifetime because I felt so exhausted and overwhelmed) and to create a perfect day (everything I want to do in one day without thinking about what other people will say and no matter how crazy it is) then just do it. I took her advice and conjured up an image where I allotted certain chunks of my perfect day to do the things that would make me happy (the idea/plan will just come to me even at the last minute, even on the morning of the day itself). I just realized that I've been doing it unconsciously hehe - I could actually not just reserve it for Sundays and boy, do I do a lot of stuff so happily! =)

A full me day these days would consist of waking up early, working out, preparing my healthy meals, disconnecting, listening to music, writing, walking, helping someone out, having conversations, being with J, going out with J, singing my heart out, booking and arranging stuff, dressing up, learning Hangul, reading, doing something about my Korea plans, being open to surprises and sleeping. =)

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